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Synergy x Federate Data Management Tools

Revolutionizing data management with AI-driven federation technology

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Challenge Overview

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Thales is developing the Network of the Future, an interconnected system of systems to meet the robust mission needs of the Canadian Armed Forces now and into the future.

To facilitate faster, better-informed decisions our users rely on information which exists across several distributed databases from the strategic level down to the tactical domains. These distributed databases can become unsynchronized and pose a challenge to maintain integrity of the information.

To help achieve a “single version of the truth” across the domains we require a centralized application that can transparently map multiple autonomous database systems into a single federated database. This database system synchronizes data periodically and ensures that any change in data made by users is universally updated in the database.

Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales


Canadian Small and Medium-size Enterprises that have experiences in one or several of the following activities:

  • Distributed Database Management Systems (DBMS) for our Federated Data Management tools
  • Federated Distributed Search to index multiple data sources at once, then presenting this variety of results to users in one unified interface
  • Federated Information Retention, creation of a virtual database that aggregates data from distributed sources giving them a common data model, providing a single source of data for front end applications

Projects you could be working on

Projects you could be working on:

  • Leverage AI and machine learning to organize and analyze information at scale — with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Unite content from a variety of sources in a centralized dashboard and manage data in-place, without interruption