Bridging the divide in defence procurement

Synergy seeks to engage high-potential Canadian SMBs in developing and commercializing advanced military technologies – and bringing them to market in Canada and around the world.

A Canadian springboard

Synergy is a means for SMBs to bridge the divide from grants and contributions to commercial revenues and a sustainable business model – to cross the chasm.

It’s a means to augment IP, accelerate growth, scale up and reach markets at home and abroad.

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Access tailored benefits
to create reciprocal value

Coaching and close accompaniment

Domain expertise in embedding technology in the Canadian supply chain

Thales Canada’s sovereign and secure infrastructure, which reduces barriers to entry  

Broad range of core services

Means of external funding

Paths to market via Thales’ extensive portfolio and programs

Discover our trusted collaborators

Two Canadian SMBs are participating in the inaugural Synergy program.

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We’re looking for Canadian MilTech SMBs that can address any of our open-innovation challenges.

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