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Synergy x Joker

Revolutionizing military operations with AI-enhanced geospatial, combat, and training services

This challenge is over, applications are closed

Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

Thales is developing the Network of the Future, an interconnected system of systems to meet the robust mission needs of the Canadian Armed Forces now and into the future, including:

  • Allowing commanders to make faster, better-informed decisions. It enables easy and secure collaboration with allies and across Canadian strategic, operational and tactical domains – and between platforms
  • Speeding collaboration and strengthens security in a contested and congested electronic environment. It leverages commercial cloud technologies and open architectures, harnessing the power of AI and integrating third-party applications
Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales


We are looking for Canadian Small and Medium-size Enterprises to enhance our services in:

  • Geospatial services, geospatial products, computation and data analysis
  • Command and Control services (C2) intelligence support, execution, maneuver planning, data editors
  • Combat services assault, protection, survival, observation, local combat simulation
  • Platform services crew management, mobility, voice communication, supervision
  • Exchange services interoperability, synchronous and asynchronous data exchanges
  • Training and feedback services operational, system, application and equipment training and feedback

Projects you could be working on

If there is a product-market fit with your technology, don't hesitate to apply !

Last season, we tackled several operational use-cases involving, for instance, wildfire management and automatic target recognition on the edge.Surprise us and let your creativity run wild !