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AI x 5G

This challenge is over, applications are closed

Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

5G networks used in industrial environments are opening new and exciting perspectives. Those new networks rely on different slices which have the following interesting characteristics:

  • Different 5G network slices for different use cases and different types of data that has to be exchanged
  • Specific Quality of Service (QoS) for each slice
  • Latency levels specific to each slice
  • Automatic creation of network slices suitable to provide optimal services for diverse users and applications

The challenge we propose revolves around the security of those 5G slices.

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Copyright: 945_7039.NEF
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We are open to all types of expertise relevant to 5G in this challenge.

Projects you could be working on

Here are some of the capacity we would like to address thanks to an AI-based solution:

  • Detect abnormal behavior in a network slice
  • Enforce network slice security in the case that a network function or slice is compromised when infrastructure from different providers is used
  • Monitor and enforce isolation parameters inside a slice
  • Monitor, fault detection and remediation, under fast changes of resource utilization
  • Spoofing of identity
  • Intelligent detection of impersonation via behavior analysis
  • Revoke if a deviation from the usual pattern