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AI x Cloud Operations

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Challenge Overview

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Operation support activities of Thales Gemalto manage services for telecom customers, such as IoT Cloud platform and many others.

The majority of operations activities are performed by humans, such as monitoring, analyzing, decision making, problem-solving, prediction and lessons learning, the service restoration time can be slow, human mistakes may happen, and all that may lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Our cloud handles various types of traffics every day, a lot of information are processed, generated, persisted in the platform. Human eyes are not able to catch everything, impossible to detect abnormal patterns. Almost 90% of these data are missed, ignored and wasted. Basically, Operations day to day work is learning, analyzing and acting and over again, same as AI/ML does.

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We are looking for a self-learning/self-training AI system to help us detect what is happening, analyze why did it happened, predict what can it happen and tell us what should we do.

Projects you could be working on

This challenge is global in scope and does not focus on a specific project.