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AI x Cybersecurity

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Challenge Overview

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In different verticals, Thales is providing cybersecurity solutions. We aim to protect identities and access to cloud services with identity & access management, then protect data with data encryption and key management.

In a zero-trust ecosystem where data are spread everywhere in the cloud and managed by a lot of different third-party providers, the traditional perimeter security relying on network protection (VPN, Firewall…) is no more relevant.

Enterprises are today relying on more and more cloud services provided by third parties (ex: Office 365, Slack, DropBox, SalesForce…) which security is no more under their control and very complex to configure. So security misconfiguration or credentials with too high privileges results in data breaches with massive impacts as discovered way too late.

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We are looking for solutions in AI that will be able to detect in a trustable manner:

  • Anomalies and thus potential ongoing data breach by analyzing asynchronously activities logs provided by cloud services (file activities in Box, query searches in SalesForce…)
  • Anomalies per applications but also through advanced correlation analysis across all cloud activities

Projects you could be working on

This challenge is global in scope and does not focus on a specific project.