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AI x Environment

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Challenge Overview

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Thales is delivering solutions to some of the most complex challenges faced by the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, and the Canadian Coast Guard. One of these solutions concerns the refit, repair, maintenance and training of both Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) and Joint Support Ships (JSS), known as AJISS.

In this context, one of the dangers those ships have to face is the ice formation. There would be a lot of value from a customer point of view to be able to detect and predict the ice formation, in order to reduce the risks of collision and improve the global availability of the fleet.

Copyright: 945_7039.NEF
Copyright: 945_7039.NEF
Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales


We are  looking for AI-based solutions that will provide answers to the following questions:

  • What conditions cause ice to form ? Why does ice move ? How does ice move ?
  • Is this predictable with any degree of accuracy ? What sensors are required?
  • What can be learned from existing data sets?

Projects you could be working on

This challenge is global in scope and does not focus on a specific project.