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AI x Localization

This challenge is over, applications are closed

Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

In different verticals, Thales is providing critical solutions for autonomous or semi-autonomous systems. For instance, in the Transportation domain, autonomous trains and enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities are coming faster than we think.

In this challenge, we are focusing on semi-autonomous or autonomous vehicles, in a position where GNSS localization is not available. Imagine dense urban environments, underground railwails, or « hostile » or « controlled » environments where GNSS signal is not available or is jammed.

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Copyright: 945_7039.NEF
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Here are some key scientific interests for this challenge:

  • Compare positioning algorithms
  • Compare trust in different algorithms
  • Validate redundancy/trust of algorithms when a specific sensors is not available
  • Compare computer-vision and non computer-vision approaches

Projects you could be working on

We are looking for solutions in AI that will be able to contribute - in a trustable manner - to the overall situational awareness of the system, by providing an accurate and trustable position.
This challenge involves the use of data from multiple sensors for vehicle positioning, as well as the use of AI and Information Fusion techniques to increase the reliability in the system.