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Operation support activities of Thales Gemalto manage services for telecom customers, such as IoT Cloud platform and many other.

Today, the majority of operations activities are performed by human, such as monitoring, analyzing, decision making, problem-solving, prediction and lessons learning, the service restoration time in case of incident can be  slow, human mistakes happen, and all that may lead to customer dissatisfaction.

When there is a critical incident that required all hands on deck, many collaborators participate in incident resolution by chat, emails, ticketing system or phone call. It can take several hours and hundreds of messages, a lot of teams might engage such as infrastructure, network, application, databases, delivery manager…

In the end, once an incident is resolved, it’s necessary to summarize the activity building a timeline and highlighting the key events, messages, and actors. The longer it takes to solve a specific issue, the more people get involved due to escalation, the longer the chat log will get. Therefore, summarizing the timeline and key activities takes much longer as well. Sometimes, it can take extra hours delaying the delivery of the report to the customers and other stakeholders.

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We are looking for an AI-based solution to significantly reduce the time it takes to generate and review a problem report, reducing costs and improving SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance.

Projects you could be working on

This challenge is global in scope and does not focus on a specific project.