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AI x Augmented Cognition

This challenge is over, applications are closed

Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

From the bottom of the ocean to the depths of space and cyberspace, our systems are operated by humans. However, nowadays decisions need to be quicker and safer. The behavior of an operator in an operational situation depends not only on his good knowledge of the procedures but also on his current cognitive state.

The objective is to help human configure, understand, and develop personalized decision-making processes by making AI learn from the operator but also understand its expertise level and performance in the process. It is critical to identify and measure valid behavioral and physiological proxies for the cognitive state of the user, e.g. regarding aspects such as stress, cognitive workload, or sustained attention.

Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales
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AI-enabled start-up expert in:

  • Cognitive modeling, reasoning and behavioral modeling, policy modeling
  • HMI, signal processing and active learning
  • Natural language understanding and voice recognition
  • Knowledge base representation
  • Explainable AI, Digital Twins, intelligent agents, big data analytics

Experience with:

  • Biosensor data, human physical or psychological data
  • Human tasks, decision and knowledge modeling
  • Human factors, psychophysiology

Projects you could be working on

  • Collect and process data to provide to human decision-makers
  • Develop decision-making models to augment decision-support tools based on past experiences with the operator and its cognitive state
  • Improve the capacity to gain in efficiency and performance, offering operators on the ground or onboard more advanced assistance by going beyond traditional methods of assistance for quick decisions
  • Collect and analyze biometric and behavioral data for user-adapted feedback
  • Represent the fatigue, stress, workload management, situation awareness of a sonar's operator or a plane operator within the framework of the new aviation regulations (EASA) concerning training (CBT: Competence Bases Training - EBT: Evidence-Based Training)
  • Improve new human-machine interfaces (HMI) and in particular to improve the cognitive ergonomics of systems (e.g. cockpits of the future) or the use of intelligent functions that will relieve the work of operators (e.g. FCAS cloud combat functions) using human-in-the-loop systems that produce context-relevant feedback and countermeasure
  • Enhance an operator with data surveillance, electronic warfare, onboard sonar in a building or in a ground center
  • Model the chain of decision-making processes of a human expert to integrate it into an intelligent agent/decision-making support tool.Increase the speed of decision by learning the different sequences of interactions with the operator in order to reliably present a result much faster, depending on the situation, this system should be adapted to each operator