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AI x Data processing

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Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

During an exercise carried out in operation or as part of a simulation, it is now possible to record a phenomenal amount of data that become difficult to sort and analyze without the use of automatic processes. The data gathered is often unsorted and not interoperable since it comes from different sources, both from a human operator (e.g., physiological and behavioral), from the tools they use (e.g. technical and task-specific data), or the environment (e.g., contextual data).

Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales
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AI-enabled start-up expert in:

  • Data science
  • Data analysis and mining
  • Features analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Pattern and anomaly detection

Experience in:

  • Developing tools for big data analytics
  • Visualization

Projects you could be working on

This is for example the case of the debriefing in the context of flight simulation which is carried out at the end of any training exercise and which today relies essentially on the expertise of the instructor. The aim here would be to provide the instructor with already formatted data from which he can draw to build the analysis.In the same way, the analysis of the flight data would make it possible to automatically extract the phases of the flight and the relevant events that could be linked to the pilot's actions.