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AI x Human Behavior

This challenge is over, applications are closed

Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

A constructive simulation is a multi-agent simulation operating on simulated systems.  When we want to associate to these simulated people a "human behavior", we use a particular component of constructive simulations called CGF (Computed Generated Forces). Modeling the behavior of an actor in a CGF is a delicate and tedious task that generally requires a great deal of expertise and most often leads to the generation of stereotyped behaviors.

Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales
Copyright: Thales


Experience in:

  • The domains of modeling and simulation
  • Training from human observations
  • Pattern modeling
  • Crowd simulation

Projects you could be working on

  • Explore an alternative solution by using data recorded on real people in a large number of exercises to build a model of their typical behavior or context-specific behavior
  • The needs are very diverse within Thales and mostly concern training, scientific studies, and prediction
  • Modeling of a single actor, such as a pilot, but can also concern the modeling of a group of actors such as a force or a crowd
  • By extension, the corresponding technologies may be applied to any complex system that one would like to model in order to create a digital twin and/or to predict the behavior of this system