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AI x Space

Revolutionizing space production with AI: automating operations, optimizing algorithms, and enhancing anomaly detection

This challenge is over, applications are closed

Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

New technologies have become key to increase space products production rates against the backdrop of a fast-evolving industry. AI integration in our production process aims to:

  • Automatize and optimize operations of a satellite  
  • Detect anomalies in observations and explain object/change detection
  • Optimize algorithms in embedded software
  • Optimize data processing and analysis through multiple satellites
  • Provide AI solutions for telecom signal processing: detection, characterization, jamming...
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Copyright: Artsiom P
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Expert in    

  • Machine learning engineering    
  • Data science    
  • Explainability    
  • Automation    
  • Robotics    

Experience in      

  • Computer vision    
  • System maintenance    
  • Distributed system optimization.

Projects you could be working on

  • Improve the autonomy of satellite management  
  • Implement mission planning, that considers resource allocation optimization concerning satellite telecommunication (on data like radio frequency plan), to overcome the computational limitations of solvers.    
  • Optimize data take opportunities of observation satellites constellation for a specific mission objective with combinatorial multicriteria optimization under time constraints    
  • High-performance change detection in terms of robustness, explicability, and sensitivity, using an unsupervised approach, to for example distinguish a lure from a real object