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AI x Speech Recognition

Building AI-powered speech recognition and biometric identification systems for critical environments

This challenge is over, applications are closed.

Challenge Overview

Description du challenge

Oral communication is widely used to share critical data in sensitive environments where every moment counts. Using AI to transcribe these data while identifying the person is a high value-added challenge to benefit from this information.These applications can be very broad, from engineering specifications to operators on the field

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Expert in

  • Machine learning
  • Voice biometrics
  • De-noising speech signal
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Deployment on embedded targets

Experience in

  • Speaker recognition software
  • Model training and fine tuning

Projects you could be working on

  • Voice Biometric recognition for tactical communication systems    
  • Suppresing noise to identify the human sound signals in a loud environment (command room on a ship)    
  • Specification analysis through NLP to help engineering team and manage traceability    
  • Use AI assistance to make decisions quicker for operational users and be able to understand through NLP and / or concrete reference to source data what led to a certain decision