AI Redefined (AIR) is a Montreal based startup which enables humans and AI to trust and continually learn from each other, combining the best abilities of each to enable decision makers to make smarter decisions for a better future.

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Projects with Thales

The relationship with AIR and Thales is ever-growing, with two notable business projects in the making: a global licensing deal and a common product. AIR, the University of Alberta and Thales are currently finalizing a project in the context of drone swarming. AIR’s technology is integrated with Thales’ proprietary framework and used across several internal Thales projects. Several projects are on the horizon with goals that include reducing the gap between simulation and reality in aerospace; increasing trustworthiness in C2‑based human‑machine teaming systems; improving drone navigation and exploration strategy; and generating better intrusion strategy.

Other projects

AIR is currently working on a large renewable energy grid optimization project, building an AI assistant for solar panels and battery operators within a smart grid to understand local environmental and spot market factors to predict optimal revenue opportunities. AIR is also working on AI-powered, simulation‑based training with two projects: one for urban mobility training, specifically eVTOL pilots, and another for air traffic controllers. Finally, AIR has an active project in AI assistance for welding quality assurance in manufacturing.

They say it better than we do

"For a startup, navigating a company as large as Thales without internal help is a recipe for failure. Thanks to the support from AI@Centech, it turned our to be a recipe for success."

Dorian Kieken, AIR CEO