AIKO is an innovative deep-tech company with a mission to foster a future of synergy between humans and machines on Earth and beyond. AIKO specializes in Artificial Intelligence and automation technologies to confer space assets with intelligence and enable cost-effective operations in space.

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Projects with Thales

AIKO has been collaborating with Thales for several years, providing advanced data processing capabilities and autonomous decision-making technologies. An MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed on April 2022 formalized the AIKO-Thales partnership. Ongoing joint projects span from space missions in the Earth’s orbits to those on the lunar surface.à

Other projects

AIKO is a leading provider of automation products and services for space industry players. The company is very active in the European ecosystem. It participates in several projects with space agencies and commercial companies, providing innovative software technologies for ground and flight segments.‍

They say it better than we do

The program has provided a boost to our technological and commercialization efforts. We are honoured to have participated and look forward to furthering our collaboration with Thales Alenia Space.

Lorenzo Feruglio, AIKO CEO