Amiral Technologies

Amiral Technologies develops and markets a blind failure prediction software for IIoT-enabled equipment. Blind means they predict equipment failures without historical failure data. Magical? No, they invent scientific methods producing highly discriminant health indicators from industrial time-series data generated by equipment sensors.

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Projects with Thales

After successful trials with multiple businesses in Thales, the collaboration with Amiral Technologies moved to an implementation phase in early 2023. The goal is to use DiagFit to predict anomalies and failures of some of its radars, equipping some French Navy warships.

Other projects

The company works with large companies and SMBs on projects such as circuit breakers, nuclear energy components, vacuum pumps, petrol pumps, helicopters, aircraft, batteries, etc. The EcoFin Ministry selected Amiral Technologies on October 22nd within their brand new DeepNum20 program, the group of the 20 most promising DeepTech startups among 400+ startups.

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