ICM Hub provides an Artificially Intelligent (AI) solution to help airlines to keep up with increasing, frequent customer inquiries before, during and after the flight.

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Projects with Thales

ICM HUB and Thales completed their digital in-flight assistant, an AI-powered assistant that can be hosted directly on the aircraft and integrated into Thales Avionics. Passengers will be able to interact with the content (entertainment, flight info, menu, etc.) and the cabin crew throughout their flight, all without connectivity above the clouds. ICM HUB showcased their Thales integrated product at the AIX in Hamburg for the first time and at the APEX Expo in Long Beach, CA.

Other projects

ICM HUB is working with Lufthansa to power their B2B customer interaction in 25+ of their markets.

They say it better than we do

We’ve identified and validated the in-flight conversational AI opportunity in collaboration with AI@Centech and are now working with the Thales Group to bring it to life.

​Alexander Tange, ​ICM Hub CEO