M-Cador helps industrial companies automate visual inspection tasks using smart cameras and computer vision solutions. With M-Cador’s image analysis engine, operators and experts can save time on tedious tasks, reduce the margin of error, and guarantee ultimate control of their operations.

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Projects with Thales

With Thales Avionics, M-CADOR works on advanced deep‑learning technology for flight crew support. The aim is to equip cabins with computer vision to automatize monitoring passengers’ activities and send automated notifications to the crew members when a particular event is detected. M-CADOR is still collaborating with Thales Alenia Space on an automatic optical inspection project, where the objective is to develop an AI to support quality control by giving the operator real-time supervision and correction suggestions.

Other projects

In 2022, M-Cador continued its smart camera deployments for the pharmaceutical, railway and logistics industries. With SNCF, M-Cador has deployed cameras on the French transport network to allow automatic and remote control of trains. With CDiscount, M-Cador has deployed cameras to make autonomous and perpetual inventories to optimize stock management. For the pharmaceutical industry, M-Cador continues to deploy solutions-oriented “industry 4.0” for quality control.

They say it better than we do

With the support of AI@Centech, we were able to launch two projects with Thales in just a few months that tackle real-world problems. They opened doors for us that would have otherwise been difficult to reach and were committed to our success with every step.

Rodolph Vogt‍, CEO, M-CADOR