Paladin AI

Paladin AI delivers AI-powered competency-based training and assessment solutions to the aviation training industry. The company works with major airlines and flight schools to standardize instruction, increase throughput and ensure data-driven, objectively qualified pilots for the continued assurance of safety in the industry.

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Projects with Thales

Paladin AI completed a product validation trial on a Thales flight training device (FTD). The 3-month project included the installation and integration of Paladin AI’s product on a Thales product in France for the purpose of evaluating the performance, including AI-powered pilot competency assessments of the product. The project concluded with a full day of evaluation by experienced pilot instructors. The product is robust and with a good potential, and discussions are ongoing for the future of the product.

Other projects

Paladin AI has ongoing projects with major airlines and flight schools in Europe and North America. Since the demonstration project with Thales, Paladin AI has successfully integrated its product at airline training centres and flight schools. They have also integrated their product on full-flight simulators and flight training devices from 8 different training device manufacturers.

They say it better than we do

It has been a great experience working with the AI@Centech team. The program helped us validate our technology and facilitated important partnership for us.

Mikhail Klassen, CTO, Paladin AI