TerraSense enables faster, better remote sensing decisions in all environments by processing and fusing multiple data sources, such as airborne sensors, to automatically recognize targets.

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Projects with Thales

TerraSense completed their first project with Thales to integrate the MIST Automatic Target Recognition System with the forthcoming Thales Combat Digital Platform: Cobalt. Numerous discussions are taking place with Thales Canada and Thales UK over possibly including and integrating the MIST system into other programs and providing data from Thales to feed the MIST AI Automatic Target Recognition system.

Other projects

TerraSense has successfully delivered several R&D contracts for Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). The company also contracts with Transport Canada to deliver the Arctic MIST system to provide AI support to their maritime Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mandate in Canadian waters and systems. TerraSense also embarked on several projects with international clients to deploy MIST on several UAS platforms.

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