The Edge Company

The Edge Company uses a computer vision technology to recognize types of bird species that pose a risk to aircraft during take-off and landing and can activate a species-specific distress call to disperse them. At the same time, they can see drones to protect the area from incursion by drones.

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Projects with Thales

The Edge Company developed a non-cooperative ground‑based obstacle detection called BCMS VENTUR. In collaboration with Thales, they started bringing it to air, with positive first results. With the emergence of UAM, the ability to avoid potential obstacles becomes critical. The added value of computer vision and artificial intelligence lies precisely in the ability to classify the obstacle and enable the most appropriate avoidance strategy considering the load being transported. That is the purpose of this new AI‑based product.

Other projects

The Edge Company deployed their system at the airport and for UAM application and energy. They also deployed a first system in a wind farm, resulting in a 99% of the true positive rate in this real-life scenario.

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